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My Frickin CATS! Damn them.

So, i've been feeling a bit down lately. Dealing with some AFGO's (Another Fucking Growth Opportunity or Another Fine Growth Opportunity)...

I buy myself a rose. Not a shocking red rose, but a nice golden-pinkish-yellow-something color one. It feels nice. It feels special. It looks so happy sitting on my living room table.. happy rose.

My cats... specifically whiskey.. try to eat it.

I rescue the rose. I tear off part of a petal that was already dying to convince the cats that they don't want it.

WRONG. Whiskey loves the rose. She's eyeing it as I type. There is nowhere in the house that is safe for the rose...

My poor, defenceless, lovely rose. I feel so sad for it.

If she survives the night, i'll take her in to work with me.

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Get a squirt gun, yo. A squirt of water out of nowhere is very discouraging to our feline bretheren. They don't know it was you, usually, so it's not like they equate you with unpleasantness--only the activity they were engaged in. Plus, you know, it's deeply satisfying to hose down a bad cat. Socks has gotten wise to the trick though. He sees me scrambling for the spray bottle and he automatically goes undercover so I'm considering wearing a holster and buying a small water side-arm. This is because he is rotten and has taken up kid-hunting as his favorite sport.

Kid-hunting? Oooo

I could protect the flower when I'm at home, but when I'm not at home... or asleep.. that would have been another thing. I ended up taking the rose to work. She's blooming happily.. none the worse for the two petals she lost to the evil fur-people.

Water.. :] Yes.. water. Heh. There was this time when the cats were in the shower drinking water.. and I turned on the shower and closed the sliding glass door.. oh wow, that was a rush.

Ugh, what is it with cats and flowers?! I have a cat who likes to chew on my bamboo as well. I have it on a top shelf, but he was jumping up there from a nearby piece of furniture. I ended up having to move the other piece of furniture to save my plants. :P

I've been thinking of buying myself flowers lately too. No one else will. :P

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