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Cafe Unite was good
I played guitar at Cafe Unite tonight. It was passably good. Lots of improv stuff with Scott.. i did my "Star Spangled Banner" Jimi Hendrix style... saw Jean-Luc & Wife there, that was nice.. Roger brought out his Accordion, it was way fun.

My knee is wobblier today. *is puzzled* *wants to know how to be more careful about it*

Tomorrow is very very full day...
- start the day off with a meeting, as always.
- prep for District meeting (one last pass at paperwork and agendas)
- clean house for movie night in the evening
- if time left over, might do some video editing for mom archive project
- if feel like it, may play with 1939 aerial photograph of ames

So tonight, i'm going to watch Full Metal Alchemist, and Ultimate Fighter, and sleep soundly.



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