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Week in review...
Its been a full week, emotionally as well as activically. [hah! take THAT made up word, my writer friends!] I guess i'll skip on the details... and go with what's up right now:

Satisfied: I do want to mention that I went to the barndance tonight.. got there late.. and I had a TON of fun. In fact, this cute little lady asked me to waltz!, she wanted to learn how. I am pleased to say I was every bit a kind gentleman. I re-saw a lady whom i met like 2 years ago.. Rachel.. she's amazingly soft and nice and I love swinging with her. (that's turning round and round very fast, for those with dirty minds). Turns out she's a good friend of my friend Scott (who was also there, whom I go to church with). :]

Accomplished: Made a vegetarian curry thing today. Coconut milk rocks. I had some leftover, so I combined it with red bell pepper bits and stuck it in the freezer.. dunno, might become a desert thing? What if I whipped it? what about coconut milk with espresso?

Excited: I got my sparring DVD's! (Complete Sparring 1+2 + 100 point-scoring techniques). Just stuff to feed my ever inquisitive mind as my body starts to catch on.

Worried: My knee is acting funny. Its an extension of my shins acting funny before.. hasn't been right since Mr Glen whacked me on the shin with one of his bone-crunching roundhouse kicks. I put a knee brace on it. Its not bad; its changing.. different now. After wondering about it a bunch, i've decided: Either a) it will get better, b) it won't change, c) it will change but not be a problem, or d) it will get worse. If it gets worse, i'll go see a bone/joint/something doctor. If its (a,b, or c) then it doesn't get in the way of my training. And either way, i'm going to show it to my chiropractor, who might know a thing or two about how my joints are put together. He's done wonders on my wrists before.

Pleased: My weight continues to hang around 180,181.. dipping down into the 179's. I did a set of pushups the other day, they were pretty lame.. scribbled on a sheet of paper, haven't posted them yet to dailyexercise. I'm not too worried. I was looking at my legs today.. man, they look trim, muscular and beautiful. Hot, even. Especially with boxer shorts on, in straddle stretch position. Its a nice feeling. :]

~~~~~ looking forward:

Tomorrow might be a little tough. There's a person with whom ... things are not right, and I'll be seeing them tomorrow. Gonna have to pray about this one.. pray to be guided. I don't want to hurt the relationship any further by opening my mouth when my insides are a mess and have a tendency to gush out and puke on the other person. They don't deserve it, and I don't deserve the sick feeling that goes with it.

I need to rework my signup sheet for "spiritually uplifting movie night". Too many people signed up on the old one.. the first movie is going to be Nausicaa. Part of it is, i need to let go control, and allow the thing to mold itself. Gdoh! I need/want to do that before 10am tomorrow. Hmm. I think sleep first, then rework signup. Set alarm for, uh, 7am or 8am. Yeah.

Gnight lovelies.

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Nothing wrong with made-up words. All words began as made-up words.

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