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I got my shipment from Amazon in today. I was planning on saving it for a movie night.. but.. plans change. After a nap, i called Nums and she came over and joined me.. we watched Ultimate Fighter (boo! i was rootin for the other guy) and then we watched Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind.

Oh my god. It is more beautiful than I remember it. And I remember it being stunning.

I remember now. I fell in love with that character. I wanted to be just like her... thoughtful, kind, loving, gentle, and active. Her courage touched my soul. A true princess.

An amazing movie. If you get a chance, do watch it. Preferably with some soul-uplifting environmentalist friends who might "get it".

in related news... a friend of mine watched Princess Mononke the other day. He thought it was, eh, another hollywood plot thing. Confusing storyline. 5 out of 10. (don't watch it with someone like that).

This weekend is going to be crazy full.

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<3 !

We watched it last night and the girls were entranced! We all want gliders now. Besides the soundtrack, the movie doesn't seem 20 years old, does it? Have you read the Nausicaa manga comics that Miazyaki drew? It gives lots more story line and it's even more epic than the movie.

I have the manga downloaded, but haven't read it yet. I might have to do that someday. :]

I want a glider too.

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