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Ash Wednesday
Hmm.. dunno why i chose that subject. Is that sometime around now?

Tonight was my night off. My night of no-standing-appointments. I chose to walk from work to Deckers to pick up the Truck.. they fixed the squeaky belts.. it was a great walk. A lot of the snow is melting. There's a running river along the trail.. it sounded divine. Some big birds, not crows, floating above. Not too cold.

After getting the Truck, I went over to Cafe Diem for a Breve. While there, I ran into like 5 people whom I know! .. from like 3 different circles of my life. Although one person spans multiple circles, and I was not aware of that till today. It was a good Breve. I add sugar to mine, PLUS whipped cream. Yummm.

And then I headed over to Church. And we meditated. 30 minutes of thinking about nothing, just being... does neat things to my brain. And I talked with a person with whom things were a little uncomfortable.. i asked if she had a minute, we went out into the hallway, grabbed hands, said a prayer that the best for both of us be done, and then we talked.. and the discomfort lifted, and we hugged, and things are so much better.

And then we had a class.. "Sacred Space".. no idea what exactly that was.. we ended up doing kind of an inventory -- core religious beliefs from when I was a child, when I was an adolescent, and when I was a teenager.. what beliefs are still there hiding away.. do they serve me. I'm really glad that my church is entirely about me finding my own way. *grin*

I spent some time with Rhea.. she's NEAT. She runs the new health+wholeness place near Fareway.. we used my truck to transport some stuff for the garage sale. I asked her about woman stuff.. she gave me a wonderful story from her life, which really really applied. It goes something like this:

a. Set my intention. What is it that I desire.
b. Start taking actions.
c. Leave myself open to whatever the Universe brings to me. (ie, don't let (a) constrict me).

I like really simple suggestions.

Then I came home, ate some chicken, and watched 3 episodes of Stargate SG-1. Man, i'd love to watch all the episodes in chronological order. I practised my Tokra voice a bit. *grin*

My cats are choosing to hang out in the garage tonight. I've asked if they want in, but they didn't yet.. so, well, that's their choice. They'll still be alive in the morning. I'll check one more time before lights out. I think they miss the outsides a bit.. being in the garage probably has many more of the smells that they like, this house is so airtight.

'kay, i'm about done. Its been a good day. I hope tomorrow I can kick some ass at work. I really have been missing kicking ass.. most I've done recently is perhaps kick some toes, or kneecaps, or even perhaps a funny bone. And I want to get back to working on the Sun thing.. the skit is pretty much baked, I got a talk show host, i need a guest from the sun.. going to ask Tammy.. got a guitarist #2.. This weekend. yes, this weekend, I will work on it, AS I'M FRICKING IN TOWN!

James.. whatcha doing for income these days? I take it you're no longer in the tech industry? And do I know weahawk? love, Sunny


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