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quick update
just a quick update before i start the week off.

Still emotionally a mess from [the stuff I posted about a bit before.] I feel a little ashamed for having let it spill onto somebody else... and damnit, i don't like to do that -- subject others to my crazies. More in damage control right now.

I got to spend quality time with Nums, and that really really helped.

I think right now, i'm pretty damned resolute that I'm not going to open myself up to anybody again for a while. Its just too frickin' complicated, and I'm too frickin' raw.

In good news: I broke a board with my left fist today, and also one with a roundhouse kick. I think i was a bit of an ass at TKD class though.. *duly noted*, *not unexpected*, as I have not been very centered the last few days. Nothing overly bad, though.

Other good news: ... uh. I'm alive, and i can go to work tomorrow, and take the bus. And my friend Ed did 28 pushups, a record high for him. Go Ed!


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