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Valley of the Wind on its way.
I placed my order for Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind DVD today. It should arrive when released.. next week sometime. I even went as far as proposing several movies for "uplifting movie night" ... and a WHOLE BUNCH of people signed up to watch both Nausicaa and Spirited Away! *joy*.

Slightly unrelated news... DUH. Of COURSE there is life on mars. Stupid morons. They're going to go searching for it, and they'll find it, deep underground, kinda remnants of a bunch of other life and stuff. And they'll find its left behind enough resources to help sustain exploration from us... nothing imminently harmful. Sheesh. Just talk to the wind, and the tree spirits. They'll tell you all about it.

- Sunny Shaman-wannabe Gulati.

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The life is long gone, but there's a reactor underground that will heat these huge glaciers, see, providing water and atmosphere. The governor of California has to activate it.

:] But, was it a dream?

w00t! I've been waiting for this movie for 18 years!

Summer of 1988... almost 17 years for me. :]

If there is indeed life on Mars...

Would you serve it with white wine, red wine, or a nice pilsner? I need to be prepared for these things you know.


Spirited Away I wouldn't call an uplifting flick exactly...well, maybe it is, I dunno. Primarily I remember it being creepy and bizarro, but I guess it's got a little creepy-happy ending of blue sky and strangeness. Man oh man did that end up being a great date movie somehow. Well, it was a cool date. No, I don't have much of a point. I don't know why I'm posting.

Hi Sunny :)

Hey Sara. :] *sends hugs*

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