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Yoga + Tkd Class were Awesome Great!
Today is like the first day where I've felt full energy in like, 2 weeks. It started off a bit early (5:40am) 'cause I had to work with the folks in India/Pune office... ended up at Yoga and TKD.

Yoga, we were doing various asanas for regulating energy flows for Pitta, Vatta, and Kapha. one of the things we did was a pidgeon stretch.. and it was amazing. I rested my head on the ground ... my hips had loosened up a lot. It was scary, i just kept going and going. My head can almost touch my knees now when I bend over. Also a little more insight -- if i'm mostly Pitta (fire), that totally explains why my brain seems to wake up between 10pm and 2am (approximately). I have to switch over to power-savings mode BEFORE 10pm, or its all over.

TKD -- Master Fauss was teaching! She's my favorite, original instructor.. apparently she and Mister Morgan swap Tuesday/Thursday back and forth every 4 weeks so they can keep in touch with all the students. And! her husband, Craig "Shogun" Ruder, was back visiting from South Korea .. he taught the class today, and he is an awesome instructor. (accurate: I am in awe of his teaching skills.) Between Intermediate and Advanced classes, he gave a quick demonstration of a sword art he was learning there.. it was pretty cool. Especially when he snapped the blood off the blade at the end of the form.

Total surprise .. Master Fausss had me lead warmups today. Here I am, a Yellow belt, leading a class of Yellows thru Reds. I guess she knew I could do it, and I knew I could do it, so it was pretty great. I had a moment of awakening when I said, "30 situps or crunches", and realized that it was an easy number for me now. And when I had to drop and give 10 pushups, _no problem_. I even did full pushups, on fists, and I did the really fast.

Here's why class was so awesome great:
  • I realized, inside myself, i'm ready to test for orange. I know my forms, and I know my kicks. A few things need a little tweaking, but i'm basically ready. I just tested at the last testing, so I have to wait till April.
  • I realized I felt at home there. No longer self conscious. And other students respect me -- a very cool thing to have earned; i get to continue to try to keep that. Its a gift, when given.
  • I'm doing really well. My stretch front kick goes well over my head now. My outside-in kick is getting up to head level, maybe a bit beyond. I get to teach other people stuff now.
  • Most of my kicks have that "snap" in them. And get held.
  • I can hold a side kick for a good 20 seconds at least belt level, solid. Now to go for height.
  • A really cute red-headed girl red-belt who also happens to be my kittens' vet assistant, sought me out to talk to me, and sat next to me, and I was very okay with that :] as in.. my self worth, feeling of belonging, and all that stuff.. very present.

And the best part of it all -- when I look in the mirror, more and more, I see slim guy with (checks)... 3 pack! (need the vertical line yet to make it 6).

Anyhoo, that's about it. I shall now go back to being the Mild Mannered Sunny Bunny. Within this meek and unseeming body beats.. the Heart of a Raging Chiuhuahua!.

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