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I found the remote...
So... this is like a big deal. After having lost the remote for my brand new DVD player.. and fretting over not having arrow buttons to turn on 5.1 DTS surround sound with my newly hacked together surround sound system... and endless searching for the remote... and buying a replacement remote at Radio Shack for $4.00 or so ...

I found my remote.

It was in the Microwave.

Come to think of it, I can remember putting it there. There was a really hot bowl of dal, and I needed two hands to grab it, so I put the remote down, and picked up the dal. (dal == lentils).

God has a funny sense of humor. 30 seconds after finding the remote, i was talking to a friend.. who mentioned.. she had been putting off getting an all-in-one remote for a few years, and was worried about how that worked. I guess I was meant to give it to her so she could get over her fear. And I got over my fear of breaking my Tivo remote -- the remote I got, works for the Tivo too.

*relaxes and eats some Palak Paneer*

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hahahah That's a great story! I love it. :)

in the microwave!!!!!!! ROFLMAO

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