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Got my living room rewired for 5.1 surround... hackjob style. Using a guitar amp for a center speaker, two weasly computer speakers for the rear ones, and the Big speakers for the two front ones. Oh, and the subwoofer. All for $18 in cables -- and using preexisting components. *bounces* The decoding is done thanks to a Soundblaster Extigy (external USB sound device).

Also got a Video/Audio calibration DVD. livingdeadpan clued me in to the existence of these things once upon a time. It was awesome.

I discovered something. When my (and most) DVD players talks letterbox to a 4:3 TV, what they do is take the existing 720x480 image.. crop it down to like 720x360, add the black lines in at the top and bottom, and then send that (already crunched) signal out S-Video or Component or whatever... And then coming in the other end, it gets scaled to {whatever} and rendered. So, there's two size changes going on, which leads to a loss of pixel information. Plus, the S-video ends up interlacing so you loose half the frame info anyway.

Luckily, the projector has a 16x9 mode where it scales the image down itself.. so I told the DVD player I have a 16x9 TV, which makes it send the full 720x480 out; this is received by the projector, which scales it UP to 1024x576 (adding black bars at the top and bottom), preserving all original pixel detail. My God, it looks Sweet. All the resolution that I felt was missing, is now back. It rendered the calibration patterns PERfectly.

Hanging out with the Sponz was really awesome. A few things came to the surface...

1. I'm starting to realize that.. my true self.. is actually pretty selfish. As in.. i don't really care about other people -- how they're doing. Sure, I'll help as much as I can... but if somebody wants to shoot themselves in the head or do things the hard way or whatever, i'm like: "good luck" and I step out of the way. If, on the other hand, somebody really does need my help, i'm very happy to help out. ... I'm comparing this to people whom I know who just go out of their way to be loving and caring to everybody... i'm definitely not one of those.

... side note: seems to be related to my mostly Vatta constitution (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha are Yoga life forces).

2. As I become surer and surer of myself... i'm starting to feel attractive. And suddenly, it doesn't seem so farfetched that a lady might find me attractive or want to spend time with me. And I am now open to the idea of a person in my life. And as soon as that happened, WHAM!!! Last night I counted at least 5 women who're "interested" in me. Apparently, this is normal -- as I cross into self-assured and feeling worthy, i'm now going to have to put up with female attention -- and do so respectfully and kindly.

3. I really really don't want to travel this year, if I can help it. I wanna stay home.

Sponz remarked that.. a lot of my rough edges, are starting to smooth away. I agree. I feel *awesome* and *great*.

Okay. enough play. 5am. Naptime!

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Keep the self-confidence moving upward and onward. And honestly, I'm sure that you've never had a problem with women. From the one or two pictures that you have managed to let us all here gaze at, you are quite the cutie. :-)

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