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Yuck! ... forced into prostitution?
A friend posted this link in a chat forum...

And.. yikes! Something is icky wrong here.
Then again, how does this compare to "people who don't want to be janitors, but have to do it anyway"? One is an invasion of the body; the other an invasion of the nose and of cleanliness?

I suppose that one *could* do the job, do a really sucky.. err, i mean, lousy job of it.. and get fired for incompetency, and then continue looking for another job?

Food for thought.

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thinking to myself .. doesn't this fall under "types of work that could be dangerous to self"? Like, people have a right to safe work, and the option of unsafe work, and this kind of work could be considered unsafe? [to me, it ends up with ripping a person's soul apart].

Well not to say I agree with it, but people's souls get ripped apart daily and no one does anything about that? It's a fact of life. You adapt or die I guess.

Not that this excuses anything, but the article said she's worked in IT. So it's not like having her soul ripped to shreds would be a new experience or anything.

Heh. Good catch.

Personally, i haven't had my soul ripped by my job for about 4 years now. I rather like it. Its worth every penny.

I wasn't talking about jobs per se, i was just talking in general.

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