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NWN was fun
So I created this cute little hobitt female.. have I mentioned that I am insanely attracted to small cute petite dark haired women with elf-like features? Not to say that Aubrey, the norwegian girl I danced with at a Barn dance, wasn't amazingly beautiful.. but.. anyhow, I digress.

It was an awesome adventure. I stayed in the back lines, only died once or twice, and NAILED creatures with mass area effect spells (thank you, no PVP!).

In other news: My friend Justin, the amazing boy scout, who loves to find funky flashlights, has agreed to shovel my driveway for me. He did the first installment tonight .. made his own custom made push shovel too. He's also an excellent contact for learning how to blow things up, and for boyscout popcorn (for now). It was good hanging with him and his mom.

Oh.. and I once again have an extra ticket for Jesus Christ Superstar. Benny can't go, too many other things going on for him. Bummer.

The Cat is *NOT* leaving me alone. This would be Whiskey. a) she wants attention, which is cool.. but b) she wants to drink out of my glass of milk, which is NOT cool. *sigh*.

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let's try this again

Do you know batteal ? She says she knows you.

Re: let's try this again

OMyGod! Sara! Yes, I know her, for *YEARS*. She plays NWN with my group sometimes. *bounceybounceybounceybounce* Hmm.. should I say this.. Yeah, i think I will. I'm trying to be about being open and trusting... so .. I used to have a crush on her once, but we managed to talk that one through and turn it into a real friendship. She's awesome awesome awesome.

(I wonder how many other folks whom I know will show up)

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