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Ultimate Fighter!
I saw the first episode of Ultimate Fighter tonight. (Medicom non-digital: Spike TV Channel 28 10:05pm Mondays) And...

WOW. Not so much on the reality business of it .. like, duh, of course they picked some interesting seeds, and duh, of course there will be drama.. and gold laced tight pants (next episode)... the thing that I'm really appreciating is.. how they train. To what level are they pushed. And they show some of that. Its pretty awesome.

I'm not about to start training like that, though. :] Geez, i'm not THAT hard core. (one of my friends at work is like: "Holy Shit Sunny you want to be the next Shwarznegger? 40 pushups!") (and here I am looking up to other people going, hey 100 all right.. its an interesting relative thing). Although, what they were doing for the cardio... starting out for 5 minutes at 5mph, and then 5 minutes at 6pmh, and working their way up to 10, or trying to anyway... wow, that's intense. And they did some interesting variations on pushups too. And the muscle cramps, oh my god, my leg spasmed in sympathy.

There was a guy who just about quit... that was me, in december. I'm glad he stayed. He may be kicked out soon, but he stayed. Just as I cannot bear the thought of not going back to Master Pak's, i'm just going to get a lot better first before I go back, 'cause I have the option.

Benny.. if ya see this.. i still want the recorded versions.. so I can play back the exercises in slow mo. :} I'll get you an external HD to stick 'em on.

And for what its worth.. the guy doing Yoga stuff.. i think he's a plant. He's doing some really simple yoga stuff.. beginner level stuff.. not taking it to the next level. Posing on some rocks, my ass. Actually, they're all fricking plants in some way.

One thing I liked that they did: They emphasized the difference between competing and beating the crap out of each other. The "ah, crap" on the guy's face who hurt the other guy was genuine, he really really didn't want to do that.

And what's with the Ms Boobs in yer Face? Sheesh. Get outta my way, i got pushups to watch.


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