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Sparring class: I'm going to be DEADLY.. ?
Today was my first official sparring class. Instructor is ordering gear for me for next time... *bounces*

Couple of comments during regular class:
1. Alec, the 15 yr old blackbelt, who LOVES to talk smack, was the recipient of several of my roundhouse kicks (with pad). He says to me: "Dude, you are going to be SO LETHAL at sparring!" (I already have decent power and control, and I'm only a yellow, and I can already kick up to the head if I need to).
2. After class, he asks me: Are you going to stay for sparring. I told him: Sir, I plan to do sparring for this entire year. His eyes totally lit up.
3. After the "so lethal" comment -- I realized something. Me, being who I am -- i'm not going into this to beat the crap out of anybody. If I win, i don't want it to be because i.. what's the word.. intimidated the other person. I want it to be because i used speed, control, tactics, a clean mind, and felt lots of love for the other person.. and expressed it with my feet. :] I'm the kind of person who, when somebody gives me a good kick -- i tell them: "Hey, Wow, that was Awesome!" ... my desire is to get BOTH of us to really enjoy what we just did. Both win. No loosers. So I responded to his comment: "Well, sir, I hope I don't kill anyone." :]
Edit: Thinking about this some more. in my past... people whom I was closely associated with... used intimidation... by threat of violence, or by blackmail, or whatever.. to get their way. I guess this is a personal quest for me? I'm guessing at some point in time, i won't be as, um, sensitive/reactive, and I'll be able to be competitive in a more traditional "i'm going to kick your ass" way. Or not. I don't know yet, where my journey will lead me.

During Sparring class:
1. I was commended on a good block by the instructor.
2. I was commended on my footwork. I don't even think it, my legs come up to defend kicks... kinda like kickboxing. This may be a detrmiment in TKD, though.
3. I was much more assertive.. i took the fight to the other person. It was nice. I was not afraid.
4. Heh. After watching me go a round with Anna, the redbelt... Master Fauss asked will if he wanted to spar with me. He shook his head and hid behind his dad. :] So, his dad went up with me next. Will is a red belt also, btw. :]
5. I experimented with various kinds of roundhouses and spin roundhouses and stuff like that. Much better than last time. Must get books to read.. NEED MORE INPUT!
6. I commended both Anna and Dr Phillips -- they landed some very good nice clean shots on me. Definite point scorers. My blocks were not fast enough.
7. I had LOTS of control. It was nice.

After sparring class:
1. Chatting with Alec. I told him: "Looking forward to taking you out sometime, sir." (doh, just realized what that could sound like). He's probably the best sparrer in our class, other than the Master. "It may take me 5 years, but I'll get there." He was like: "Sounds good!" :]

Okay.. my hamstrings are starting to hurt, I think this stretch has gone on long enough. :] I'm so excited about this new part of me...


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