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Dream: Celebrate your culture day, Pizza place.
I was an owner of a pizza place.
The place ran on the principle of: we're here to help others, and make a living at the same time.
There was a realy nice fancy stomping-grounds-like atmosphere to the place...
... we were volunteering up a storm all over the place...
... and the money was there; it was not a problem.

Something about, our prices were set such that everybody knew how much it cost us, where the money we made went... and then for every order, there was a way to donate change/etc, and whom to give that $ to... can also earn pizzas (like a frequent pizza card thing) to give away to.. charities of your choice... somehow, the pizza meant more than just pizza, i think. It was a metaphor for sustenance and love..

There was also something called "celebrate international cultures"... it was a suggestion, a tradition, in the dreamtown that I was in.

Basically, on another culture's national birthday.. like, say, Switzerland.. it was the custom for all businesses/etc to invite children of that culture to come in and put hand-crafted signs in that culture's language next to any existing signs in the business. So, like "Coffee" would have... "Pani" for hindi, next to it. On a little erasable magnet thingy. It was just a tradition.. no law or anything. The city also followed this tradition.. putting up a flag of whatever country was being celebrated near our flag. With a big heart flag between us.

And this way, the children of all the cultures of the world got to be celebrated. There's a thing that I was doing here where.. culture and country were interchangeable... national boundaries being a rather silly thing having to do with authoritarian power and not to do with Te and Tao.

Oh yeah.. the delivery drivers for pizzaplace in dreamtown all rode around town on rollerblades, and did amazing arials & stuff.


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