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Work, Food, Pushups, Ice, Chicken Soup, 200G full

On one hand.. its been a pretty good day. Got off to a really slow start.. my body was totally drained of energy, i think i worked out too much/ate too little last night, and this morning, ugh. After I got a hot shower and some coffee with LOTS of sugar in me, things started to come back into focus...

I was even semi-productive at work. I actually started on my own project, and once I got rolling, it was good. Some of the angst is leaving.

I am a bit concerned, though: I ate very little today. I had 2 300-calorie microwaveable meals, and 1 vendo-sandwich during the day. Going to eat a little before going to sleep tonight to avoid total drain... some (yogurt + sugar) and water, i do believe, are in order. I *am* hungry, i just haven't gotten around to eating.

Been having 2nd thoughts about my pushups. I've been following the exploits of a person who's training up to pass the Navy SEALs physicals.. and the way he does pushups is: Try to get to a set number, rest as much between as you have to. Also, those are full pushups -- not the half pushups I've been doing.. somewhat tougher. Yet, i have some history with what i'm doing right now..

So, tonight, i did both. I did as many fist pushups as I could in a single set (And the phone rang, so I started again after I took the call) - 16+23, can't combine those numbers. Then, i did as many full pushups as I could do in 2 minutes -- 10, rest,+6, rest,+2, i was done. I guess i'll use different names for these to seperate the data... 23 FP's, and 18 CP's ("complete pushups" -- nose touches floor on the way down, keeping torso straight)

And wierdest thing. I did like 43 crunches tonight. What the???? Either i'm doing them wrong, or something in my mind has relaxed and is letting me go farther than before. That's practically double what I was doing 5-6 days ago.

The ice that we were supposed to get.. thankfully, did not affect me. I _was_ able to deliver some chicken soup to my dear friend Kelli (who doesn't have an LJ but if she did she'd be called turtlegirl or something like that), she's got a cold. That felt really awesome.. barging in, giving her soup, giving her a hug, and heading out. Warmth for the heart.

In other techie news -- i found out why my video software was crapping out. I had actually filled up my 200 G ext HD! :] that was my 2004 disk, so I bought another for 2005, and moved the project over, and now its doing a lot better. How did I fill it up? Oh, a couple of audio recording sessions with no compression, some DV video, and copies of a couple of friend's music libraries, will do it. *grins* Although, i did get data from 1998-2004 on that drive, about 50-60G per year. I've allowed myself 1 external hard disk per year.

In summary... I'm finding that this year is going to be pretty tough. Lots of stuff to handle... means I have to stay more centered, with less margin for slop. Which means I have to be religious about journalling (on paper), praying (for centeredness), and {being really productive}-transition-{relaxing down to a full zero}.

I know that I am up for this. I will suit up and show up. Lets do it.

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you are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, i won't be satisfied until I can consistently do them without too much effort.

And then i can start adding weights, like you.



well you know I am far away from being able to do 50 pushups, and if I could manage to do 50 crunches, it wouldn't be consistent. I just went ahead and added some weight so my abs will show more. hehe

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