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Snow Played Broken Skewers with Pasta and Popping.
Ended up with this huge ass mound of snow in front of the driveway. Resorted to taking the bus. I was too smart for myself, missed my connection, and spent an extra 30 minutes outside walking to campustown...

Got to work, played with a bunch of stuff, tried to use this brand new thing to debug somebody else's problem, and every time we attached it it would slow the heck down and abort with a timeout... *grumps*... we finally got some good runs towards the end of the day...

Over lunchtime.. was feeling very, i dunno, weak? wanted Steak. Thanks to something nausicaa1 said recently, we went to Applebee's and I tried their steak, and it was decent. I still prefer flaming skewer, i think... their food is simpler. Less spices, more hearty?

Got home a bit late.. on the way back, conversation with a gal on the bus went a bit sour, and I was off balance from that for a while...

Then at home, i was all down and mopey and stuff.. realized, i really wanted some pasta.. so I ate some pasta.. and Hey, i felt better! So i did my exercises (squats today!), and.. yeah. feeling better. I think my body has been needing certain nutrients (pasta, steak, etc) which i had been lax to provide.. gotta remember, this aint about loosing weight, its about being healthy...

When feeling down, an answer can be found in: What am I grateful/happy for? Cyride... walking thru Friley today... Applebee's... the Broken Arm waitress... Getting something done today at work, even if it wasn't much... talking with Dina, being there for her... seeing that dude on the bus... Pasta... my cats... washing machine... Justin, the teenage wonder-boy who shovelled out my driveway today for $20... exercise-capable-body... loud Rock music (Leila/Claptop right now)... Trillian Pro 3.x does Yahoo again, so I talked to zandria72 and she's DUE TOMORROW!... Samantha chasing a peapod around the kitchen and loving me...

Hey, so yeah, it was an awesome day. :]
Wishing you a wonderful night, my lovelies!
Oh, and the title is random made up with a few things from each paragraph. *grins*

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I'm assuming the program you were attempting to debug was multi-threaded? The most common issue with debugging multi-threaded apps is that attaching the debugger and stepping through one thread causes timing issues with the other... awful awful stuff... THat's one of the annoyances that comes with my areas of expertise, namely communications, because most comms stuff is not only multi-threaded but timing intensive.

Hey, I am the tech guy, after all ;)


debugging IIS6 == InetInfo -> W3WP -> CLR -> Asp.Net -> multi-threaded -> COM interop -> etc.

On one machine, the site shows up localized.. on the other machine, only half-localized. One of the threads is loosing ts thread culture.

The slowdown i think has to do with the difference between starting up the CLR in "profile" mode vs non-profile mode. If attached the monitor too late without the appropriate restart, incurred huge penalty. Will be testing more over next few days to determine best way to watch what's going on.

Btw, its not a debugger, its a monitor -- [link to software here]".

Debugging/monitoring IIS6?!?! You venture into a dangerous land, brave soldier, where few fear to tread and fewer survive.

I HATE debugging/monitoring code from MS... And not only MS stuff, MS COM stuff! Unfortunately the protocol I special here in at work (OPC... for more info) is entirely based on DCOM, which makes debugging it a pain in the ass. Fortunately I don't have to touch the COM stuff TOO often, but when I do it gets UGLY fast...

Speaking of COM/DCOM, i'm off to fight a battle with some callback threads...

*unsheathes his sword and charges off screaming a battle cry of "For The Glory Of Compiling!"*

Heh. We've narrowed it down -- threadculture is okay, but for "whatever reason", on the machine that's failing, its not loading the localized resources out of the GAC. At least, according to FileMon. Sysinternals RULEZ.

Yeah, I have to use some of it to help debug this issue i'm working on now, actually. I'm not sure if I"m glad there's a sysinternals or sad that there NEEDS to be ;P

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