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Burning Bowl Ceremony
Today being the first day of the new year, we did a Burning Bowl / White Stone ceremony at church. The Burning bowl is where we burn away things, attitudes, defects, etc that we no longer wish to have in our lives. The White Stone is where we ask the Universe for a new name for this year.

Because we don't actually burn anything in the church, we instead had a paper shredder with a fire-breathing dragon on top of it. That's my thingy being shredded there...

This is a panoramic I took of the congregation. Once again, sliced out of a video, but this time with better resolution. I like this technique! This one came out practically seamless.

I don't want to recall what it was I let go of. My new name that came to me was: Patience. For 2005, I am Patience. That feels like it fits...

The day continued with Lunch at Hy-Vee with Ria, Fred and Marcus; and then off to Cafe Diem with Stu and Steve where I played with MS Money 2004 (yay! bank downloads actually worked now!), followed by a Tango lesson, and then coming home to work out and work on these pretty pictures. All in all, a good day.

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I like the new digs for the congregation. Lots roomier than the old place. Where is it again?

I like the idea of getting rid of the old useless baggage to make room for new positive things. Saying it aloud in front of folks makes it stick better. Good ritual.

Yeah, its nice. Its at the corner of 9th and Kellog... kinda near the hospital.

We didn't say our baggage out loud infront of people. Although, there's another class, a dreamweaving class, where they do that kind of stuff -- talk about dreams and what's holding us back and being accountable to each other and stuff.. but its with a smaller, more trusted group of people.

They're growing, too! I think we've probably added, what, 5-7 new members since July?

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