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Movie Night: Return of the King
Movie night at Sunny's.
Wednesday Dec 26th29th around 7:30 at 7:00.

We will watch Return of the King, special edition.
Pre-show: probably an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway. or, perhaps some of the specials on "the making of."

I think this one will have to be a pizza party. To heck with pot lucks and cleaning up afterwards.

If you know me, you're invited. I can comfortably seat maybe 10 or so; currently about 4 confirmed. So, i have space. :] Please do RSVP.

Edit: changed date. Thanks, LDP!
Edit: changed start time. Long movie

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December 26th is next Sunday.

THank you! :] Corrected.

I'll tell you in advance the added scenes in ROTK (well all except maybe 1) added a LOT to the movie. Trust me, it'll make even MORE sense after seeing it with the deleted scenes... just be sure to move around now and then... it's a long one

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