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Purchasing a better camera...
So, if you look at my last rash of pictures that I posted -- notice that many of them are indoors and very blurry. This has to do with the flash not going very far, as well as the miniscule light-sensing area in my current camera. The megapixels are actually more than I need for the most part -- i already have to resize downwards...

There's another limitation of my current camera (Canon S200) -- the movies it takes are <20sec in length at 320x200. I've found that taking a quick movie of an event preserves the feel of the event a lot more than individual pictures do. I'd like to take much longer movies.

So, i've been considering upgrading my camera -- (mom has dibs on the old one). I've been considering either going to a 5MB, 1/1.18" CCD like the Powershot S-500 or the Cybershot W1 (or V1 or V3). All of these would satisfy my movie need however, ...

Also been thinking about getting a straight SLR-like camera. Problem is, while I'm willing to spend the money (right tool for the right job -- indoor no-flash low-light pictures), the upper end cameras do NOT have any video capability. This TOTALLY sucks. The difference between an SLR and the above cameras is about 10x more light gathering area. (and size -- not so portable.)

So.. still deciding. I have the cash, but i don't want to buy the wrong tool on an impulse. One solution is to buy one of each, but that seems... wasteful. Perhaps the thing to do is to buy a regular 35mm professional camera for the semi-professional stuff -- that would be cheaper; however, I really don't like fiddling with film anymore. My final presentation medium is always the web, or my laptop. And I never seem to finish normal rolls of film.


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