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Vacation update...
So, like.. I'm on vacation. Today was my second day of not going to work. I like it!...

Yesterday, I woke up at 6, met a friend for breakfast... went home, slept till noon, met more friends for lunch, then worked on mom's videotape history for a while. I decided to go to TKD practise.. (whole story by itself)... came home, worked out some more (GOooooo MUSCLES!!!! GOoooo STRETCHING!!! GOoooooo Palgwe Iljhan!!), worked on more videotape stuff, and watched the beginning of HarryPotterAzkaban.

Today, I woke up at 6:30, met a friend for breakfast... and now I'm here, writing this up. At 2 today, i'm helping somebody fix their computer; tonight is recovery stuff night.

Mom's video project is going pretty well. I think i'm 10 minutes into the 50 minutes of video tape, currently at picture # 5 or 6? Video editing is such a painstaking ordeal.. ESPECIALLY when using substandard tools (like Ulead Video Studio 7). However, the price tag of >$200 for something decent.. while I have decided I'm willing to buy it... is unnecessary for this small a project.

I have crunchloads of pictures.. my trip to Legends, the Cat Shute, the Tkd Potluck party, and just some general pics. I guess i probably ought not post them all... I will post the Legends trip and the few good pictures from the other stuff, however.

That's about it. So, like, I'm TOTALLY on break, which means I'm very available during the day, so if anybody would like to get together... for lunch, coffee, etc -- i can _always_ use some people interaction. Or, if you need your lawn mowed... or some kind of help with some project... i'm up for that.

Oh. As I type this, Samantha has chosen to lay across the back of my neck. I took a picture.. uploading...


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Awwwwwwwwww......I love it when my cats do that. :) Sometimes I even drape them there myself to warm my neck LOL. It's good that you're on vacation. Mine starts Friday at 11:30am. *chomps at the bits* @_@

very very soon... very soon...

Oh my. Nothing brings out the comments like cat pictures. ;-) Cute little cat that you have there.. I'd wonder if my cat could do such a thing, but I don't think she's up to the challenge of moving beyond the height of the couch.

Thanks. She's 8 years old, if you can believe it. And totally petite. And cute.

This morning, my other baby cuddled with me under the comforters... she took over and nestled into my armpit. Was very delicious, as I'd already had 8 hrs of sleep, and i was just kinda lying in bed in that half-awake state. I think we stayed like that for an hour.

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