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Awesome day today.. Got Belt.. (pictures)
Today was just an Awesome Awesome day. I took my camera with me, hoping to take pictures all along the day..

So, for all these pictures, click on them to get a bigger picture in a seperate browser window.

First stop of the morning was Starbucks. This is Deb. She handles my morning order on probably 2 days out of the week. She's awesome and nice and fun.

... and then, i pretty much didn't use my camera at all the rest of the day. Heh.

I gave my camera to Justin's mom at TKD class, and she took pictures of class, including us getting our YELLOW BELTS!

Me getting my belt. I got two stripes, which apparently means: I did very well. :]

Justin getting his belt.

Davis getting his belt. That's Davis's sister? She came up to give him a hug. I think her name is Alicia? Alydia?Ema!

Surprise! Master had me lead warmups today. My first time leading the class ever. It was cool. I totally forgot what all to do in the warmups, so I asked the class, and they raised their hands.. waited for me to ask them, and then they told me what we hadn't done. I think they had great joy in remember ALL the possible things we could do. :] Master Fauss thinks I'll be a good teacher someday.

And last but not least.. this is the smallest person in the Dojang:

(this is a panoramic created from an accidental video that was taken. The camera panned downwards. The little one's name is Sara.. She's Justin's younger sister. she's a miracle baby.. after class, i was talking to Justin, and Sara leaned over to me, and I got to hold her for just a bit.. and tell her how wonderful she is... she's a happy happy beautiful baby.)

*love 'n' hugs to y'all*
*only 1 MORE DAY OF WORK LEFT before my break starts!!!!*
... and yes, I kicked ass at work today. Yeah Baby.


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