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Listening to my nephews:

"If I die.. if I get off of this building right here.. I'm dead for good."
"bum bum bummmum bum"
"Why don't you hit him?"
"Its harder than it looks!"
"Dude, you gotta make your S R and J really really low"
"Maaaan! Oh I barely missed his head! Ha! Bim Bam! .. BOING! I know what I have to do now"

(they're playing some missile artillery game on Bonus.Com)

I've really enjoyed this trip. My family is a blast. :]

I placed a bid on Adobe Premier 1.5 (video editing stuff) on Ebay. I want to use it to assemble the DVD for my mom ... I scanned in a whole bunch of her old pictures, and we recorded some video where she's explaining the pictures to me.. for posterity and stuff. :] I like Adobe's products, they are waaaaay useful.

Also scanned in a bunch of pictures from my childhood. Here's me with a cousin, i'm the one on the left:

Obviously my fascination with music started early. There's this other one of me holding a guitar that's like 5 times my size... not scanned in yet. In time. *grins*

Merry Thanksgiving Y'all!

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What are you holding in that picture?

Oh dude! That was like a helicopter pull thingy.. it went like, ALL THE WAY up to the second floor. VERY stable, VERY Sweet. I totally remember it...

You were such a cute kid! Looks like you were really absorbed in what you were doing at the time.

Thank you. :]

I'll post more kid pictures at some time. There's this one where I'm holding a guitar that's, like, 5 times bigger than me. In my Catholic school uniform. Or hey.. maybe I already posted that?

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