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First ever SIBBA symposium...
and I totally lost the flyer too. SIBBA == "State of Iowa Black Belts Association". They have a web-site, its fairly weak, but it DID tell me to go to Beyer Hall at about 8am.

I'm a little nervous.
What if I dress wrong? (Master said to wear Dobok and belt. Ok.)
What if I make a fool of myself? (Hey, i'm a white belt. Its expected that I not know stuff).
What if I am late for a class as I try to find the right room? (Well, then i'm late.)
What if... uh..

well, i guess I don't have to worry about any cute black belt girl coming over, throwing me to the ground, and kissing me. :] How i love women with power...

I'm looking forward to experiencing 2 things mostly: a) Sword art; b) Tai Chi. Along the way, if i have the energy, i'll probably pick up c) One Step Sparring, d) Beginning Judo.


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