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New Phone
My old phone was starting to die.. refusing to charge, scratched up, etc... spent some time looking at possible cellphone replacements...

Bought new phone. Motorola V710. Its nice. In short: Flipfone, color, camera, bluetooth, speakerphone, good address book, good voice recognition, can use MP3 rings, removable media slot.

I feel a little worried ... some reviews were not the best, talk about bad battery life etc. We shall see. So far, it has all the stuff I wanted it for (bolded above). There's also many good reviews. *is hoping*

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Hey, have you been getting my emails? I emailed you once last week and I answered your email last night. Wasn't sure if it got there because I haven't heard from ya. Just let me know.

Yep I have... was happy to hear it was going okay. Short on time right now for a good sit down email writing...

*sends hugs*


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