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Naughty Evil Zoot!
I had a naughty thought... for the people who wanted challenging pictures to take... you know who you are... ... take a picture of moldy food in the fridge. Closeup of the mold.


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Why would anyone want a picture of mold?

Well, they were asking for challenging pictures...

... taking a picture of fridge mold involves a LOT of work. First, you have to acquire the food. Then, you have to put it in the fridge. Then, you have to forget about it for a while. Then, you have to have the guts to take a picture of it.

okay, so its like a bad idea. But that's why it was evil, you see?

*drats* i simply DO NOT make a good evil tyrant. *pouts*

Hmmm... I see, though it's faster to grow mold in a dark closet corner. I know these things because, as you can tell, I'm a geek. Who else would take your math equation analogies in emails and actually run through them and try and graph them in their head? *raises hand*

Speaking of which, I have to email you a though I had about one the other day.

If you wanted REALLY evil you'd pick some darn near impossible task, but make sure it's not only possible but REALLY desirable... for instance:

Find a church with a high spire with a cross on top and take a picture of the cross at sunset so that the sun is perfectly behind the cross, leaving only the shadow of the cross visible in a ball of orange light.

It's a perfectly possible, just difficult and hard to time and line up and what not... and you only get one or two shots at it every 24 hours... Ask them to get a shot of the Orion Constellation so that ALL major stars in the constellation are visible in the photograph and easily discernable....

Just a nerdy thought...

My goodness, yes, you are a geek. *Is totally proud to know you*.

Oh that's nothing... since I work for Honeywell and we do all kinds of nifty industrial control solutions, sometimes we throw out the older ones with no practical use anymore. So I managed to get my hands on a UDC 2000 controller, hooked it up a thermocouple (2 different metals twisted together. Voltage over a thermocouple differs according to temperature, so that's how it senses temp... not sure if I'm being too preachy nerdy here), rigged the output to a 120v relay, plugged a 12 inch cooling fan into it, and attached the thermocouple to... my 5 gallon fish tank...

WHY, might you ask? Because the tank sits between my tv and computer monitor and doesn't get much airflow, so in the summer the temp jumps to 86+, which is just outside of the range most tropical fish like... so I rigged up the controller (running a PID loop) to monitor the temp. If the temp gets above 85 the relay triggers and the fan comes on... if the temp then drops back below 83 the fan turns off... that way the temp in my tank never gets ABOVE 86, and the fish are happy. Yes, you heard me right... I took a controller that originally cost a few hundred dollars and rigged it up to control the temperature not in an iron melting vat, not in a chemical processing plant... but in a 5 gallon fish tank with $2 fish in it... and you know, it does the job REALLY well... You should hear some of my other geeky exploits... you'll either be scared of me or think i'm some techno-god

I personally think that you are *fully expressing* the creativity that the Universe gifted you with. And that is awesome.

Yeah, someone else here at work just stopped by to ask me what I know about lasers... why? Because i'm the "local smart guy"... I'm in an office of engineers, some of whom designed things that literally keep saudi arabian oil fields from blowing up and killing thousands, but I'M the local smart guy?!?

I guess I'm just the extreme-tech guy, so to speak. I'm not satisfied knowing wire A plugs into slot B and turns the speaker on, I want to know WHY and HOW it turns the speaker on.

Let's see real quick... some of my other geek exploits (That I may or may not have actually implemented, but that I did design in some detail):

--> Redundant Web Servers that guarantee that when one goes down the other will take over and the remote user won't know the difference. I designed this completely using over the counter parts (network cards, cables, hubs, etc.) and wrote some software for it that did not modify the operating system in ANY way... completely application level redundancy.

--> For my masters project in college I re-wrote the HTTP protocol to make it "multi-streamed" over a single socket (using some experimental protocols at the time) and improved the performance of HTTP by no less than 140%. My graduation cut short my research, the company that did the experimental underlying protocol stopped their work as well 3 months later, thus killing my research entirely, but the idea was there and was almost published in a tech journal.

--> Took a floor plan of the Computer And Information Sciences building at my college and modeled it completely (including professors' offices and furniture, elevator, stairway, windows, etc...) in QUAKE 2, so that me and my friends could play deathmatch against each other with our characters running around the labs we took classes in... It was SO complete that it even had every computer in every room, and if you shot one it blew up in a hail of sparks and if you tried to manipulate it you would get "System Login Failed!" message on your character console...

--> Learned to fix ascii serial terminals, computer monitors, and some televisions with bad contrast/brightness/output levels WHILE the picture tubes were running (Not exactly a GOOD idea... those things carry a serious static charge) with no formal training. How did I learn? One day my boss at college said to me "marc, see what you can do about those old terminals in the corner that don't work." I assume he meant "test them and if they don't work get rid of them" but I figured i'd understand it as "Rip them apart and see if you can fix them." He was stunned...

Like I said, I took my first tv apart at 7 years old "to see how it worked."

Now if only I could find a woman who finds this desirable :P

The sad thing is, I could probably find moldy food in my fridge without much effort LOL.

You TOTALLY make a bad evil tyrant.

Just for starters, ...your name is 'Sunny.'

That's why I need your help.
Can you give me evil tyrant lessons?


How are ya?

I'm just fine. :)

But I will not aid you in some futile quest to become evil! I'm afraid I could not corrupt you that way. :) Besides, it's much funnier to watch you on your own, having to explain "I was trying to be evil." -cackle-

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