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much calmer now.. and finances suck ass
Had a chat with mom tonight. lots more to say, but i'm not going to make it a public post.

Finances suck ass.. I had a scare, where I thought I was like $500 short for the month. I took the actions I needed to -- posted some stock for sale to free up some $, and stopped my 401k and ESPP plans (freeing up a whopping 11% of my income)... and then realization dawned on me: I had not put in my dummy placeholder paycheck for the end of the month. I'm actually wrapping around and getting AHEAD of myself where I could skip a paycheck and i would be okay. !#$!!! ...

realization: wow, i'm so blessed to have this financial flow. Nevertheless.. my 401k and ESPP are zero'ed out. I'll consider that a "divine intervention". Time to start shovelling the extra oomph at my debts big time now. I have $6.2k + $4k + $4k + $112K in debt that I want to get rid of, and its not getting much smaller by itself. I think i'm going to keep fun money at $100/paycheck.. that seems fairly reasonable for the things i'm involved in right now.

The lady said she'd take a look at putting my mobile home on the market, that goes down thursday. The guy I hire to do work on the mobile home said he'd take a look at what it would take to finish bringing the deck up to code. Those are two things that really really help too.


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