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House Warming Party!

Got Game On My Birthday! Metro -- a happy, friendly, build-map-as-you-go, simple boardgame, which I played with heidishook back in like 2002 or so. Must-have-boardgame-night-soon. Also have Moods, which is a blast. And I want to get Loaded Questions as well.

is anybody interested in board game night sometime?

Also, looking like i'll be introducing my church community (and everybody else who hasn't been over yet) to my house via a House Warming Party. It will be Saturday November 6th starting at 1pm. I'm thinking pot-luck. There will be a house blessing at about 3-ish.. basically, people standing in each room affirming what they see as the wonderful qualities of that room.. marking positive wishes, nothing overly religious for me.

And, i've been asked to cover a 20-minute music spot at the mall in December during the Alternative Gift Market. My current plan is to do instrumental christmas music, possibly solo, though i'm hoping to rope at least one other in to hang with me on stage. Two guitars.. one fingerplucking, one doing the tune in dual-part harmony?

I'm thinking about getting rid of the desktop machine. I've already moved all primary functions off to the laptop; my form of backup is now an external USB/firewire drive. The laptop _is_ a faster machine, just less disk space. I can donate it at a service/goods auction for charity/fundraising... i'm sure somebody else could use it more than me. If my laptop dies, i'm in a financial position to immediately buy a replacement, which makes this idea easier. However, then i'd be loosing my DVD burning capability.. unless I offload that to an external USB/firewire enclosure as well. Eh, i haven't burned one in ages, though.

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If I was around I'd offer to come play bass for you (or guitar, either is fine with me) since I'll have completed "Project Thumper" by then. Oh well, I think a jew playing christmas music would be ironic though ;P

Yah, i was reading up about your Project Thumper a little bit there. Sounds pretty awesome. :]

I'll be somewhere around your neck of the woods.. visiting Manassas, VA sometime during XGiving week. Is that in range of you?

I'm pretty excited about the project, and I'm keeping some details about it a secret because I want to see people react when they see/hear it.

Virginia, eh? I think depending on where in virginia you are it's about a 9 hour drive, sadly. I could use some company that week.

On a side note, I'm sending you an email to ask your opinion on something. Feel free to be brutally honest. Thanks :)

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