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wierd dream
Dreams are fun. Whenever i'm in a dream, i'm almost always experiencing tons of emotion first, and very little thinking.

i'm in a class

somehow I don't realize that there was an assignment due.. i thought he just wanted us to consider the questions.
i said something about, i didn't have time to do them.. he suggests that I was whiling away my time on some stupid worthless thing.. he decides to make an example out of me -- i'm supposed to stand outside the classroom door until i'm bored, then come back in. He has the class working on something or the other in the mean time -- a race -- to see how much they can get done before I come back in.

so i'm standing out there (with one other person.. who goes back in pretty quickly) reflecting on the situation. I think to myself: did I have the time? My mind flashes over my work schedule.. how i'm taking time off from work to be at this class.. how my evenings are pretty much spent recovering from being at work.. how I'm taking this class out of my own pocket expenses because i'm interested in the class, not because I want a degree.. and I realize.. i'm justified, i'm at peace with myself, and what's going on is a miscommunication of intent. He's classifying me as a person who's taking the class to get a degree, who doesn't really want to apply himself.

I wake up to the alarm. The time is 7:00. I change the alarm clock ahead to 7:30, and go back to sleep.

I have returned to the classroom. There was a flash of "you'd better go back in, he's getting kinda pissed" that somebody said. Wow, those folks made amazing things while I was gone. There was a whole vista of like 3d art created by combining pieces of Halo and other shoot-em-up games (3d scene was just kinda there floating presense space).. there was a lot of neat art. I was very much amazed at the capabilities of the students in the class. I felt inadequate. And very very very much left out.

I wake up to the alarm. The time is 7:30. I change the alarm clock to 8:00, and go back to sleep.

Whiskey decides to join me under the covers.

I decide to have some conversations with the instructor. In NVC style (Non violent communication... excellent way to have a potentially conflict-ridden conversation which gets to the heart of the intentions on both sides.. but you have to WANT to hear the other persons side for it to work). My mind ran through a few possible scenarios of how I could express myself.. and the most appropriate way (after class rather than during class).

The alarm almost goes off. Its that "breath" that it makes, the "click" sound prior to the actuall beep. Whiskey is still there under the covers, purring away.. bless her little fuzzy heart. (as I write this, Samantha is curled up over one of my forearms, bless her little fuzzy kitten soul too. She looks up and back, with that expression of "love me", and so I kiss her forehead and she's okay) . I think i'm done enough with the dream..

Whiskey, btw, does not like the alarm. It caused her to stir and cat-grumble (its like a "Mrawr" with a down-inflection in the tone at the end, very short. Or, "Mraw-AWr.") I give her the signal that i'm about to move (three quick taps on her back followed by slow movement), and get up and out. I head out and make the coffee. Which I just finished as I type this.

I like dreaming. It takes me to places where I get to experience things from all kinds of angles .. (for example, I was also experiencing the teacher's frustration, and his desire to point out how every minute is full of opportunity). and my dreams are almost always good. I love dreaming.


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