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I played tonight!
So, after all that talk about how I was going to work on my special project this evening... I did! 2 hrs worth!

updated: moved mud stuff out of this journal.

Anyhoo. I did this VPN'ed in to work, as I haven't yet loaded Visual Studio on my laptop.. will need to take care of that sometime this next week, then I can develop locally.. need to install Visio too. I was careful to delete it from the work computer, because if its there when I'm at work, i'll be tempted to work on it.

In other news: Absolutely Nothing Important going on. I did have some folks over and we watched Star Wars: A New Hope on Wednesday. Pizza, Doritos, Caramel Popcorn, and Blue Moon Beer flowed nicely. It was a good time. Also, cinemark320, which is working again, reports that Faren 9/11 has made it to the dollar theater.

This weekend, i'll be going to [yet another] retreat -- i promised last year i'd go to this one. I don't wanna, because I'm afraid of what I'll discover when I'm there. As a friend of mine put it: its time.

And Teresa called me tonight. I enjoy talking to her so much. Its like, i can be vulnerable around her. *bounces*


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