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On reading blogs from places other than LJ.
I have a friend who just started blogging on blogspot... here: ... and I faced a quandry: Yes, I wanted to keep tabs on his posting, but no, i didn't want to visit that web site all the time...

Solution: I downloaded a RSS feed reader (i chose Freereader, although a friend mentioned that Trillian Pro works too (but not basic)). I then subscribed to their blog via RSS.. for blogspot, that meant adding atom.xml to the end of the URL as listed above.

And it works like a charm. One more application to check.. BUT -- i was able to wrap my favorite Slashdot Science channel in there as well. So... less things for me to check. More meaningful info. Ain't technology grand.

Going the other way -- all our LJ accounts give RSS feeds as well, and there's even ways to log you in via auth digest mode to get in to see all your friends entries. Snifty. Check out the "Manly Pink" in this last link.


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