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Pink Floyd the Wall
I saw the movie again... for the first time since.. man, its been a while.

Back the last time I saw it ... i was a different person. I had my own walls.. i was in love with the music... i didn't want to see the story. I saw the images, I got the thing about child repression in education, but i totally did not get the my-girlfriend-left-me-and-i-hate-the-world blues thing. And I didn't understand what all that stuff meant about building a wall.

This time.. oh my god.. like the ENTIRE movie made total sense. And WOW, it was ... crafted together very well. Holy shit.

I even cried.. during part of Comfortably Numb. Wasn't a safe environment to cry, so only a little.. i so totally remember that desire to find the "comfortably numb" place so that it didn't hurt anymore. I don't go there anymore...

The part where the child is interacting with the TV-watching zoned out grownup.. as the child takes in its options and the state of the world.. and decides to check out/leave. That was very powerful for me.

And talking with Steve... i think that the whole fascist regime thing, only happened in Pink's mind. (or Worm's mind). I think the sequence of events might have been.

- Pink comes up on stage
- raises rabble
- people go screaming out into the streets, there's a riot that breaks out.
(pink interprets this as his regime putting order to pain)
- pink runs back into the bathroom
- guard finally finds him there. Note that its the same guard.
- judge thing happens.

one way to check would be to see what clothes he's wearing in that scene. I couldn't quite make it out. I don't think it supports my theory.
of course, by this point, he's totally delusional... thinking back to some arguments i've had in the past.. i understand that feeling.

Its so scary to me... how direct the link between pain and causing-pain is. There's a wall there.. and... it intuitively makes sense. Retro-fit that to the crap happening in the middle east.. *sad*

All that being said.. will I buy the movie on DVD: no. Will I watch it again anytime soon: No.

And Varisty sucks for sound system, esp. in that theater.


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