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So... Stile, you were not imagining it. I did have a set of posts up... i deleted 'em. To hell with that shit. It doesn't fucking exist. And if it does exist, I don't need to saddle you with it.

In other news: How to drink lots of water when your throat is scratchy-bad.

My solution is:
- boil water
- big cup
- bunch of honey on the bottom
- fill half way, dissolve honey, mix with spoon
- fill rest with cold water
- guzzle. No icky throat scratchins.

Other way in emergency:
- I use a bear-shaped honey squeeze dispensor
- squirt directly onto tongue. Swallow.
- while throat is nicely covered, drink as much water as I can.
- repeat.


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*HUG* Tazo makes a tea called Throat Coat. It is AWESOME for sore throats. You can actually drink it and it feels good. There's a hint of licorice in it, so if you don't like licorice you might not like the tea. I _highly_ recommend it though, and I bought it at Cub Foods. Also, no caffeine in it. You can sleep after :)


ThankyPoo. I gots to go grabs some b4 my next unfortunate incident. Problem with getting sick is... then its hard to get out and get the tools with which to remedy the situation. (I guess I could call folks, but when I'm sick I HATE being a bother to anybody. Some silly idea of self-sufficiency.)

Hey. so like, i missed Yoga.. i feel kinda bad, part of the whole idea was to take yoga together. :[ ... but then, between your pregnancy and my butterfly-flitting-scheduling... i'm glad we've gotten to two sessions together.

Hmm... Tai Chi next?

I can't take tai chi :( At least not for quite a while (after Jr. is born, anyway).

I ended up skipping class on Wednesday night, as well. I was extremely over-tired, so I opted to stay home and take a nap.

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