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I think this has been said before....
You *know* you're getting healthier when you start craving a big mac.

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Ewwww......actually, the more I eat healthy, the LESS I crave fast foods laden with grease. I was pressed for time last Friday at my second job, so I had McDonald's for dinner. I soundly regretted it. :/

Yo, different context! I'm talking about healthy as in not-sick.

The way I figure it, when I'm coming out of being sick, my energy levels are way depleted..

Whenever my energy levels are dangerously depleted... I get a craving for big macs and other fast food. CHOCK FULL of raw, non-delicate energy.. and thus my body wants them. And uses them quite nicely. I had a big mac last night. It also helped get my digestive system started up again (as in, YIKES! BIG MAC COMING THROUGH! MOVE ALONG FOLKS!) (tmi)

once my energy centers are filled back up again, the bigmacs are out, and delicate foods like cucumbers and snap-peas are in.

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