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I wrote a financial forecasting program in <2 hrs!
I so TOTALLY rock.

I've been thinking about writing a little proggy to help me with putting upcoming purchases into perspective... y'know, like, I need to set aside $x for Xmas, but I also need to set aside $y for the new roof, etc...

I already had a spreadsheet in Excel.. but it was too granular, too detailed. I needed something where I could shuffle around the commitments and really see how things were working. I thought about it for a while, figured out what I could code.. and proceeded to code it tonight.

It only took me 2 hours. And I wrote it in a language I used to be really good at when I was 5 years old... I picked up the compiler at Wal-Mart...

  • White blips = set boundary: amount of money leftover per month to go into these various funds. The thing to note is the green area under the blip.
  • Vertical = Money saved.
  • Horizontal = Time. 1 blip = 1 month, in this case.
  • Green blips = money currently saved up. (look at the yellow one.. there's several green blips on it already).
  • Everything else = stuff I'm saving for:
    • Tan = Winter car rental fund in case of need (Truck sucks for winter)
    • Red = 2004, 2005 Xmas fund.
    • Yellow = New Roof for 2005.
    • Black = Credit Card Debt.

This is the bird's eye view of upcoming purchases:

Calendar date view:

Short term forecast:

Long term forecast: (see the black thing waaaay out there? That's my debt.)

How it works.
Basically, I can move purchases out horizontally to whenever they're supposed to be there. I size the vertical component accordingly. The rule is: The purchases must stack on top of each other... hence the horizontal lines from one purchase to the next. As long as things stay under the white barrier, i have not overspent.

As I save money, I earn green dots. I can put the green dots on the tops of the purchases, effectively saying: I have you covered this much. Each month, I should get a certain number of green dots.

The way I figure out where to put the money is: Looking down the line of white dots.. i pick whoever is encroaching the closest to the white line. This means, big expenses further down the road get saved for... until the short term expenses loom up in the immediate horizon, then they get whompussed.

*grins a big shittin' grin*

Only problem is, I could only put like 10 months in before I ran out of physical RAM. Swapping helped me get out to about 2 years, but I'm going to need to get some Environmentally-Friendly Green RAM to extend it all the way out to 2008, which is as far as I have my future paychecks allocated so far.

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