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I screwed up on my Secret Valentines.

So, this last sunday, I put my name in the hat to do the secret valentine thing at church. I got back... somebody's name. I thought it was Susan. I really really did. And then I was out of town this weekend. So, i thought about it a bit.. and then sent her an anonymous email-card-thing.

I get back home, and I find out: Nope, it was Sue. That would be Susan's partner. !!!!! I sent the secret valentine to the wrong person! Putting it together, I think that Susan signed Sue up for the S.V. thing.

Hmm. *feels guilty for not having paid closer attention to the whole thing* *in the future, will make darn tootin' sure that I have time to pay attention before I sign up for it.*

Ah well. My love to you, Sue and Susan. *huggles*


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