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So, like...
I think I got the final paycheck in... my Projector Fund is now a reality.
This is scary.. this is a purchase I actually plunked down a little money, month after month, to get.

I find myself doubting myself...
"Sunny, what do you need a projector for anyway? its just another gadget"
"Sunny, I KNOW you think you'll be socially cool if you have one.. isn't that just false pretenses of friendship? people will love you without a projector" <-- Agreed. This cannot be about what people think about me. Noted and acknowledged.
"If it ISN'T PERFECT, don't do it." <-- this one really pisses me off. I do this to myself all the frickin' time.
"Sunny, you should transfer this money over the wall to the non-fun-fund, and use it for the roof / paying off debt / etc." <-- Fuck that. The non-fun-fund is doing JUST GREAT, the ratio of non-fun to fun is 3:1. Everything in the non-fun-fund is being taken care of in a timely manner.

... and yet, there's this other part of me, that has always wanted one, for at least the last two years. I saw my friends who have projectors use them.. its so useful, especially at little social gatherings. Its an inexpensive (relatively compared to a big screen TV), its portable...

And I REALLY want to play Dance Dance Revolution on one. :] ... not to mention flight-sim type stuff.

So, in favor of, there is:
... when hosting the teen movie night stuff at church, could use it there.
... could loan it to whoever needs it.. this is a standard agreement with any Toy that I buy. Note: Laptop not toy.
... I *did* set aside the money for it. If I don't spend it on the projector, it then goes to the next thing on the list, which is ... as yet undecided. Blackberry, a good musical keyboard, perhaps a MOTU if I do more musical recording, which I haven't lately...
... I need to keep my commitments, especially to myself. It doesn't have to be perfect for me to invest in it.

What it comes down to... In the past, I used to be this anxious over spending, say, $99 on a used electric guitar. Now, looking back -- I *know* what part a guitar takes in my life. I would easily drop $300-$400 on one if I didn't have that need met already. Ditto other good purchases:

  • Garmin GPS Car Nav thing -- easily worth twice that with the removed anxiety of navigating large cities.
  • Gaming computer - worth every penny. Using it right now.
  • Laptop -- worth every penny.
  • Washing Machine + Dryer -- chose not to buy, and happy with that choice.
  • Truck -- Yah, i've gotten my use out of it.
  • 27" TV -- Definitely.
  • Tivo -- OMG! GODSEND!
  • Amp + Speakers -- definitely. No lack of volume in this house.
  • Cat Fence -- one look at my babies passed out in my arms.. yes. Good thing.
  • Adobe Audition -- Definitely got good use out of it already.

Failed experiments:
  • electric drumset. Sold for $100 to a friend, net loss $30. Yay.
  • leather jacket. Currently being used at work when I go into the computer room. Works well there, i guess.
  • electric bike. Donated the motor to an EE nerd guy whose eyes lit up.. still have the bike. Good bike, works well for commuting.
  • Bass guitar. Used religiously once. However-- I know from past experience, if I let go of it.. something will come up 1,2 years from now, and I'll say: Wish I had a bass. This will be my 3rd bass guitar, this time I'm keeping it.
  • N64, playstation, etc -- I play one game, then I'm done, and I end up giving them away.

So... i'm going to buy it. If it becomes a failed experiment, I'll donate it to the church, or give it to a family.

With that, I used to be looking at the Infocus X-1. But looking around, I've found the BenQ PB6100 instead, which gives slightly better visual range and light and max resolution (same 800x600 pixels just more range scaling technology) and is slightly quieter. It also runs the DLP rings at 3x speed reducing rainbow effect (which, btw, I am not susceptible to).

(If anybody knows of a reason not to get a BenQ, lemme know, I haven't found any negative press yet.)

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Just be aware of the cost of replacement bulbs, and how often you might need them.

*nods*, its not going to replace my TV.

You will love it! Have friends over for a movie night! hehe It'll be a blast. Totally worth it I'm sure. :)

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