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Misc Thoughts
In no particular order:

Saw "Hero" Today. Very good. Left me thinking... feeling. Many thoughts. One of the more trivial was: Oh My God the actress who played Moon.. she is beautiful.. (cut to later in the night, danced with a very shy, very akward, little chinese lass.)

Went to Barn Dance tonight. It was FUN. Seriously going to try to make it to all the Barndances in Ames that I can. I had a great time, though at the end I kinda ran away when they did the last batch of slow waltzes. All the ladies I danced with... were all amazingly beautiful each in their own way. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Went Bowling too! Stu and I shared an identity, trading frames back and forth.. we got a whoppin' high score of 66. Played some pool too, that was awesome. Was down to the 8 ball, pretty even, which is great, since most other folks I play with, totally surpass me in ability.

Had Lunch at Dutch Oven. Very cute little place, hadn't been there before.

Visited the Wild Birds place and got some stuff for setting up a feeder. I was going to set it up in the Cat Fence, to give my cats some exercise... but then changed my mind, will put out front where cats and I can see it from the living room. Time to make friends with the Bird-spirits.

Made dinner for Stu. Actually... got chinese take out, and transfered it to the ricecooker+pan, and ... he didn't say anything... i couldn't stand it. I fessed up, and he let me know that he suspected as much and was about to ask. :} *giggles*

All in all.. was a great day.

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OMG! We saw Hero last weekend. It was amazing. I wish I knew more about Asian symbolism so as to understand the movie a little better. I think I'm going to need to watch it again to get the whole thing.

I hear that the barn dances are terrific. I always thought it would be a place I'd go to meet people if I was single--it sure beats the bar scene around here and frankly, other than the bar scene, the only other place I can think of that single women are approachable is in a church or perhaps a volunteer setting. I've been told that mostly women volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. If I was a single guy looking to be in a long-term relationship, I'd be doing that, answering the phones for the National Public Radio drive, spending time at the library and church hopping. Volunteerism shows that one is not a self-absorbed typical male, asking a girl what she's reading is always a good idea, and well, if you're willing to be present for the Lord, a girl might think that you're after something a little more than a fling.

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