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Compatibility between Hinduism and I

I had a most wonderful experience this weekend. Actually, I had MANY wonderful experiences this weekend.. this is the one that I feel moved to try to express.

Shortly before I left to visit my family, a friend at work, Ram, gave me a booklet that talked about the 10 talking points about Hinduism. In the past, i would have avoided it... i was not at peace with hinduism, my mind was not open. This time, my mind was open. I took it with me to read on the plane.

I read most of it on the plane. I was thinking ahead to my Madhu Auntie, who is like a full fledged Priestess. She is a dear soul whom I adore... she and I have sat down and talked, and she's the only one in my family whom I feel really truly understand the spiritual path that I find myself on.

I actually agreed with it! I got to see everything in a new light.. it was no longer this wacko out-there thing... it made sense!

Then, on Sunday... I watched a program on Sony Entertainment Asia TV, kinda like a church service thing, but it was this guy named.. uh.. Well, he was really cool. And he was talking/preaching/being a guru about some parts of Hinduisum which ... I found myself in them. The path of service - the middle path -- between the king's path and the peasants path. Hanuman ji ka path. It made sense, in one of those deep ways...

I loved how the guy kept saying: Don't you DARE believe it because your Guru said so. You must find it for yourself, for only in this way will you know its true.

I didn't like what he said, though, about "don't seek. Just wait. It may take a few lifetimes, but God will find you." Something inside me rebels against that statement. OTOH, I can see how most of Hinduism, seeing as it is like 6000 years old, was designed for, well, less-advanced souls. The advanced stuff was reserved for the "guru's" of that time. Nowadays, like half the folks lumped into "new age" are ready for that advanced stuff. Said the dude: "Of course, these stories are pertinent to life as it was thousands of years ago. It is our responsibility to adapt our religion to fit the times." Same, I guess, might be said about Christianity.

Not to say that there aren't lunkheads in all religions, who claim to be following a spiritual path, but all they're doing is using selective hearing to justify using lower forms of creativity & calling it a spiritual high. (lower vs mask vs upper, the forms of creativity.. adrenalin junkie violence & yuck being forms of lower creativity. Its still creativity, its still fun, just of a different frequency.)

I was thinking... of creating a montage... of all the things I'm taking from different religions.. (and what, conversely, I'm choosing to leave behind)... for my path. Its been interesting.

I also liked how, this guru guy kept pausing, and "zoning inwards", in EXACTLY the same way that Ekhart Tolle would zone. Ekhart, BTW, is a person I agree with lots (Even if I don't practise his stuff all the time) ... he wrote a really great book, "The Power of Now".

Btw, I was totally wrong about the Bindi (dot on forehead). Its not about marriage/not marriage. Its about the 3rd eye / Chakra -- used as a religions mark as well as a beauty mark.. usually red after marriage, and black before, although many times set to match dresses or toe polish colors.

Also, on the vegetarianism -- I was mistaken there as well. its very similar to Veganism. Its out of respect of living things. Cow worship == honoring the cow, an animal whose purpose in life is to be gentle, to gather resources and convert them for use to humankind -- almost every part of the cow is usable. Like a Native American who thanks the prey that he hunts, so it is that the folks honor the cow - its representative of all animal life. Compare this to the Meatrix movie.. and how we treat cattle in our non-organic industrialized food processes... what feels better?


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