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Dave Mathews is Awesome.
Just spent the evening stuffing envelopes and... listening to "Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds play Luther College" for the first time. Oh... like.. WOW. I grabbed my acoustic and jammed along as best as I could... after a while, I had my eyes closed, and my fingers were flying all over the place in relative harmony...

it was great.

Then my fingers went numb. :} need more practise...

And then I played along with "Sultans of Swing". Totally Magical.

I love being musical. My God, my life would be so DEAD without being musical.

In my head, I came up with a tribute to "Cats"... Basically, start with the Cats tune... end it ... and then what fills the space afterwards? I had it figured out earlier, but now I can't find it anymore.

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I love music. I'm grateful I learned an instrument in HS. I loved playing my silver trumpet. It was so sexah, too. ROWR! hehe My parents saw the musical "Cats" many years ago. My dad received free tickets from his boss and they were the big ol' booth tickets with free food (steak and stuff). They loved the food, but couldn't understand the musical. lol Not the music part, but the words. They're silly. I'm sure my dad loved it though. He was a musician (trumpet) and very talented.

Anyhooter... ever listen to Maynard Ferguson? He is amazing!

Love ya!

Maynard: Not yet... but he's now on my list! :]

- Sunshine

I love him. I saw him in concert (he's from Michigan). He was outstanding! He played an entire song on a conche shell. And he's in his 70s. He also wrote the score for Rocky's theme song. hehehe

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