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Aftermath of CatFence.
My babies are pooped.
They're snuggled up next to the laptop, on the bed.
*sigh* .... i loves them.

PS: NEW ICON! Whatcha think? (yes, that IS me.)

Round the World in 80 Days...

Oh, it was so much fun! I had no idea it had cameo appearances by Schwarznegger and John Cleese and others in it! .. and the description of Jackie as a "Thief"... feh! ... anyhoo, very enjoyable. One little gag after another.. Cute babe... wish some babe would look at me like that. AHA! FOR I HAVE BUILT A CAT FENCE! ...

I noticed that Sammo Hung showed up.. as did David Wu (friend of Jackie's, if I remember right).. excellent, excellent. And the Man With No Nipples.. that was gross. Oh, and the Wilson brothers.. Owen and Luke? Lots of cool quotes, none of which I can remember.

of course, if one was looking for a great storyline, or great plot, or even technical accuracy, or something that might resemble the original book, oh, one might be disappointed.

One bummer: I did not see any bloopers at the end. *pouts*

I really liked the animations they did going from country to country.

Best part was: There I was, sitting in an almost-back row of the theater, entire row to myself... and trying not to laugh *too* loud.. and there's this other person laughing in the same row, across the aisle from me... it was great. I don't know who she was, but there she was, alone in the theater trying not to laugh too loud.


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