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The Cat Fence is Up. And its Working. Even the Chipmunk on the other side of the fence was safe.
Updated: Pictures Here [webshots].

Details on the fence in a seperate descriptive post.


So, its... anti-climactic? I'm so very glad that the cats can be outside now... its how they were meant to live, and they LOVE it. Yet, at the same time... I used to let them out before, so its not like its new territory for them or something. Part of me now wants to "be famous" about this... even have thoughts of the Ames Tribune interviewing me or something... I have *such* an ego. *tsk tsk*

I'm hanging outside with them right now.. going to stay out till the skeeters drive me cwazy, then i'll head back inside. Tomorrow morning should be interesting with letting the cats out.

Next task: to abolish Hartmann lines in the vicinity of my house.. enter... the Penumbria Garden Workbook. *j/k*

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That's so cool! :) What lucky kitties. I sometimes let my cats go out on the back deck. It's 7 feet off the ground, with a gate, and the yard below it is fenced in as well. The big dogs are down there, though, so they don't really care to go down the steps. LOL The dogs won't hurt them, but they get right in their faces and try to play with them, which bothers them to no end hehe.

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