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that book review i did earlier.. was meant to go into a community, not my personal journal. *whups*. Deleted now.

Anyway. Its been a long, fruitful, interesting day. I still think i'm insane, but in a relatively benign fashion... Of course, I'm sure that any shrink would be very happy to give me all kinds of labels.

Oh well. Then again, didn't someone say that the only sane ones are the ones who think themselves insane?

"It is not change that is hard, but the resistance to change." -- I like this quote.
"Change is inevitable" -- ditto.
"Sieze the Day / Enjoy the Day / One Day at a Time" -- YEAH BABY (austin powers imitation)
"Conflict is Inevitable; Combat Optional"

My Intention for tonight: To let go, to relax, to sleep soundly and fitfully.. so that I might arise tomorrow refreshed and awake... to do tomorrow well.


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