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Song: Mary

(450k): 0803Mary

Commentary: Honestly, I knew i could wake up semi-late tomorrow, so ... i let myself party on. Took all of 2.5 hrs. When I started, I had no intention of making the words mean anything.. but it just kinda happened. Everything was done with acoustic guitar and a Radio Shack boundary microphone -- the bass is just an effect that was added on. I figured, if I didn't get it done tonight, i know i just wouldn't pick up this particular project again.

Self-Critique (or, what i'd change if I spent more time on it): I'm sure as heck not a singer, unlike livingdeadpan. And my timing is pretty sloppy at times, even after some corrections. And... its kinda jerky in places.

Was it fun: Oh yeah. :]

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It took me a while to figure out what melody you were using. But I did. ;)

Heh. ... i'm still trying to figure out which song that is. Every time I get close to figuring it out, my mind switches over to "Lay Down Sally", which I think is of the same genre.

So, Zan, which one is it?

ooo! good song! Bill Withers, "Aint No Sunshine"

I like what he did. :] I was wondering if there was a drumbeat that would work... and the strings were awesome. And the "solo"/deviation part was pretty good too.

Well I think that there are a few remakes out there. I'm not even 100% sure if Bill Withers was the first one who recorded the song.

Sounds like you're having a good time! Let me know if you need someone to lay down some fat bass tracks for your jamming pleasure. I've got a few nifty lines that need some guitar love.

Would love it. Just one, for starters?

Ya got a way to do it, or shall I bring the laptop/mic over on some evening?

I've actually got a laptop and a little computer microphone. Is there some specific software you use to make recordings? How does that all work? I know you and others have mentioned this type of thing in the past but I didn't really pay attention in my pre-laptop-owning days. I shall refer to those days hencefourth as "the bad old days".

*smiles* ...

i'm sure there's tons of ways to do it. The way I did it was, I downloaded a 30 day trial version of Adobe Audition 1.5 (formerly known as CoolEditPro). It kicked ass.. so much ass that I later spent the $150 to buy a used old version (1.0) from Ebay. Its what I'm using now to dink with stuff.

Only drawback i've noticed is, it doesn't read .m4a files (iTunes) or 160kbit MP3's.

Now, if you do a lot of MIDI stuff (which I don't at this point in time), then I've heard that Sonic is better ... BUT, Sonic REQUIRES you to have a MIDI port, which I don't on my laptop usually. So, it lost.

The other thing is -- depending on the laptop, sometimes the Mic and Headphones share enough circuitry in common that recording 2nd tracks becomes a problem. To that end I have an external USB soundthingy (which incidentally also does the MIDI thing).

First tracks, though, you're all set.


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