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Original Composition
I got inspired after meeting a family who moved in across the street..
Husband, Wife, Sister-In-Law, brother(s) ... all musicians.
Psychology Professor.
19 kids total between all of them.
Only 2 of the adults, and 3 kids, living across the street. But the rest are "nearby".
I have yet to get all the details.

So I got out the guitar, broke a string, and then recorded this: 0802GroovyBass.

.. what it is, i put down the bassline, figured out how to convert it into a loop, and then recorded myself jamming to it. I took 3 parts of the jam out, and arranged them together. Kinda... technical? feels like cheating?

Bad news: A good friend of mine, and his GF.. split up. He was ready to commit, she was iffy, and ... after a few weeks of limbo, they had the talk. I'm sad, I was really rooting for them. BUT! they had a very clear, very straightforward breakup; no hissy fits, just more "here's where we're at." So, i guess that's good.

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Sorry to hear about your friends. My best friend is having relationship problems right now. It's sad and I hope it works out though. We shall see.

Great musical stuff! :)

"Kinda... technical? feels like cheating? "

No, that's called production.

Has potential.


its like a matter of balancing "time available" and "desire to get it entirely right". Hmm.. i need to find an alternate way of hosting the MP3's (i have a 5MB limit on so I can post the high-fidelity, stereo-with-pan, better-sounding ones.

These were also first-take-only's.

*bounces more*

Nice! Very "High Plains Drifter" sounding. Livingdeadpan is right. It totally has potential! Don't worry about the sound of the demo--concentrate HOW you write bits of music, what sounds good to you, what you'd like to go back and fix, the sound you're aiming for, and stuff like that. It's a set of skills to learn, not a matter of manufacturing the ultimate pop song on the first try.

So does this mean that you're moving closer to your goal of playing in public somewhere?

Thank you!

not sure about closer to playing in public. That's more like, "wanna play in public with other people", has a totally different feel than "want to nail that musical thing." The difference between cooking spagetti and having people over vs trying out a funky east african dish? Maybe they tie together later?

What it *is* doing, though, is, i'm getting less self-conscious, more confident, of my guitaring ability. Its like, I think "go there", and my hands actually get there and the sound comes out close to what I intended.

If there's something I would fix in this one, its the ending, fer sure. And some of the chord "progressions" were a bit off-whack. And .. heh. Well. There's no end to tweaking.

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