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Serenading the Sun musical
So, i logged on here to go find an email address for my friend {whose name shall be left unsaid} nausicaa1 <-{COOL BABE}.. and I've always been wondering.. should I start a journal? I think I started one somewhere else, but I've forgotten where..

Thing is: I would hardly ever update this. Would I? Maybe every month? is that worth it?

Then I realized: My friend zandria72 .. she updates it like once every few months. And its really fun to read it! ... so.. yes, this is another way I can be there for my friends. It takes the place of the Christmas Letter. It ... is a place for me to flex my verbology.

So, i started one. Heck.

Biggest thing on my mind right now: Looks like i'm going to be producing.. I have volunteered to produce .. a show. A show with lots of cool songs about the Sun. I currently have the task of going around and finding people who might be interested in playing in this show. Which is why I was looking for Lady Nausicaa1's email addy. Oooooh this is going to be so much fun!

Just finished a show on the Wizard of Oz. I think i was born for community theater.. I just *love* performing to an audience that I trust. Can't get me in front of an open mic yet.. and God help me if I sing and play guitar at the same time.. but, hey, work in progress. *Grins*

There's this dude at work -- D.F. -- he has a really nice voice. I think i'd like him to be my Sinatra/Buffet guy .. a little bowtie action, and .. need to find out what Jimmy looked like when he performed.

Okay, enough for now. PS: love to my babble friends.

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You have been assimilated. Welcome to the collective.

Hey Sunnywiz! Welcome to the magical world of livejournal! You're exactly right, it really is like the ultimate Christmas letter. You can broadcast how you're doing and what you're thinking, and unlike the dreaded letter, only the people who care to have to read it. There is no guilt except the guilt of not posting very often.

I had a good time talking to you at the party on Saturday. It made me start practicing my new guitar more faithfully, but I'm afraid I'm pretty far away from sounding like I know what I'm doing! Bass playing came much more naturally--I think my brain works in single notes rather than chords.

Woah! You old theater veteran, you! Just finished a show and now up for another one? You must be either dedicated or a glutton for punishment. Wizard of Oz rules. We run it all the time around here and the kids know the songs by heart!

Another person I know on here! I hope you don't mind I've added you to my friends list.

Sounds excellent to me, m'dear

Okay, so I worked through your posts in reverse order. Obviously you haven't been here long. ;) And you mentioned me twice! I feel so appreciated! :D Maybe I should actually update my journal one of these days. We're about to watch a movie though. Later...

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