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What was the name of that band????

So, like, there's now TWO ... bands that I cannot remember the name of.

#1, I heard at Borders. ... my audio mind and my vocabulary don't mesh, so I don't even know how to describe it. I can't remember the tune right now either. We asked them (Noumoua was with me), and they said it was... _______. !#%!$!#$ (drawing a blank.) (Godsmack? Godbusters? Godblubber? ... i checked out Godsmack, it sounded like them, but i couldn't find the song on iTunes)

I remember tinkly bell-like high notes.

#2, I heard at Stomping Grounds this morning. I asked the beautiful gorgeous lady Kate (someone whom I adore), and she said it was ... ________. (The King's Sheets? King Quartet? King Brothers? Kingly Fishes?) Once again, i checked out "King" stuff, and ... nope, no found.

It was like, light jazz with emphasis on vocals.

so. Yeah. Frustrated. I need to start writing these down on my hand or something when somebody tells me them, 'cause they sure don't make it into long term memory.. except a memory of the emotion left behind by the song.

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I don't know - Kingfish, maybe? You can't remember any lyrics from the song? Seems like something they might play at a coffee house.

checked them out.. nope, not them.
:] Thanks for trying though!

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