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Grilled ____ ?
A friend of mine pointed this out.
Kinda cute.

Hmm. *settles in*. Its been a somewhat rough week. Feels hard to feel that the "crisis" is over, back to normal energy levels. I had a really great time with some program friends in Nevada today... conversations about life, history, children, marriage, and disco boombox puppets. ... no, really. Somebody dear to me got married like 3 weeks ago, and this is the first i've hung out with the newly married couple, and they are so cuuuuuuute!. I remember being that cute once.. *smiles inwardly*. I find myself grieving the loss of my "single" friend.. however, very much welcoming the strength and joyfulness of the married couple.

And, work was fun. I got to re-remember that in Perl, [{}] is actually an array ref of 1 element which is a hashref. All I needed was {}. OTOH, i got to modify my data-munching frontend to be compatible with MULTIPLE datasources and overlaying plots on top of each other.. which cut down the # of .PNG images to 4 rather than 8 or 12 to get my point across. And I tested a feature that actually worked well.. Awesome.

Hmmm. what else. I'm STILL having not done laundry. I was going to do it tonight, but I'm tired. My breakfast date tomorrow morning is once again not able to make it, so i *could* sleep in, or... i could do laundry. Ah well, enough whining. I'll either end up buying more clothes, doing laundry, or seriously jeapordizing my social standing. #3 will automatically be avoided, so it will be #1 or #2. Anybody want to do a laundry date in my copious free time? *smirkle*

'kay. Ciao.


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