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In the style of DRUNKEN KUNG FU!

Hee hee.

I got drunk tonight. Wellll.. okay, that would be "tipsy". Two Schmirnoff twisters... i was quite loopy. Stumbled into a doggie gate. Heh. nausicaa1 was there, she can verify.

Lots of people think i'm a non-drinker. Not true. More accurate that, i don't like the taste of most alcoholic drinks, and I only like the feeling of goofiness/sillyness when I'm around people I trust. Nah, my obsessions are more refined than that. :}

It was a get-together of a bunch of ex-employees of a particular company. It was really good. I even saw parts of.. what was that called.. uhh. Japanese-show-dubbed-with-english-of-people-doing-funky-things. That was enjoyable.... everybody was smiling. Then, saw parts of Jackass the movie. Owww. I couldn't take it after very long. I wonder why some people laugh at it? Heck, i laugh at a little bit of it.. but... its not funny for me for very long. More like an adrenaline rush of "oh my god, they're not going to do that" combined with vicarious pain.

nausicaa1 and this dude were talking about.. Parliament? I'm curious. Good band? will go listen. Something about the fathers of funk.

A little tired. Tomorrow is an amazingly full day. !@#!@ secretarial duties again.. 3 more stints left total. *yawn*... disk golf too, with Stu, possibly. And choich. And possibly some FORTRAN programming. to help sort out the gene pool.

Oh HEY. Something awesome happened today. I got to spend it with .. people I care about! ... and I spent a lot of time in the company of a very nice girl who has this most amazing smile. It was really neat to hang out with her... my inside insane-giggle-level smoothed out to an inside-happy-smile. And I only freaked out a little bit... it became easier as the day went on. Towards the end of the evening, it felt pretty normal to be around her. I was, like, my goofy normal self. And it was all okay. *bounces*

PS: spiffie101... my friend Benny here pulled me aside, and asked me: Who'se this girl who'se going out with me? I had to laugh at that one, and explain that no, this was a different Benny. It was mui cute. And zandria72! are you visiting town anytime soon? Heard a rumor! ... or did midwest mean Indiana again?

lots of love to all...

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hehe Sorry it's not your friend. hehe :) I do love my Benny, though. =)


I know what you're talking about, and I've seen it before.......I think it's called "Kazam!" or something along those lines.

Glad you hear you had such a great time. :) I have the same attitude about drinking. Very rarely, not too much, and only around those I trust. I drink just enough to make myself tipsy, but not so much that I don't remember anything the next day. LOL

Silly one...I've seen you tipsy before. :) Glad you had a good time.

Rumors about me visiting the midwest? Not sure what you're talking about, but it was probably a reference to Indiana. I doubt that I'll be going anywhere until next January. OTOH, who knows. I may have the chance to get away, and my family would probably get a kick out of seeing me preggo. ;)

AS WOULD I! ... pregnant women are just *so* cute and beautiful. Not to mention, 'tis my ZANNE who is pregnant. *bounces* Happy Sunny

So, hey, will you still be in So.Cal in Decemberish? My vacation plans are starting to gel.. i've got the time taken off now. I know I'm starting in Dallas, i don't know how far west i'll be able to work myself, though. Hoping to get to Las Vegas, anyhoo.


Yup, I'll most likely be here in December (and VERY pregnant, if ya know what I mean). I have to take a regular class along with my thesis in order to get financial aid. Finals are the week of the 13th. It shouldn't be a big deal if you happen to come around that time, because it will only be one final.


i'll know more details around October. I might drop by for just a bit, maybe a day. Lonnie's in San Diego, he's on my list too. *bounces*

The Legend of the Drunken Master

It was a good night, wasn't it? I had a lovely time chatting with everyone even though most of the tech talk was over my head--I guess if you hang around geeks, you're bound to run into that kind of thing sooner or later. Still, I felt like I got the chance to talk non-tech things to most of the people there. It was good to get out and remember that I am a social animal. I wish I had gotten the chance to talk with you a little more, though. We'll always have Jackass, though, right?

It was cool that Allan talked to me for such a long time. He is frighteningly smart. Neighbor Mike is now my new best friend, too. We were talking about "the Motown sound". I hadn't even HEARD of the Funkbrothers. I gotta get me some of that!

About Parliament--there are entire books written on them but I'll try to sum it up. Are you aware of the music genre of Funk? It's a marrige of R&B, Soul, and Rock. Think about all the disco songs you might know like "Brick House" and "Jungle Boogie" you'll immediatly identify the heavy rhythm with crazy bass riffs, bright horns, spaced out 70's keyboards and just know that it's funk. Those songs are but pale shadows of the TRUE funk that Parliament brings. You might want to do a quick search on Amazon and listen to some audio clips.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but when there are space suits, platform boots, and albums that start out "Funk upon a time, in the daze of the Funkapus, the earth was on the One. Funk flowed freely and freedom was free from the need to be free. Even Cro-Nasal Sapiens and the Thumpasorus Peoples lived side by side in P[eace]," well, count me in.

Re: The Legend of the Drunken Master


I have now been funk-i-fied. Actually, i heard the term first back when Victor Wooten came through town, and his brother came with him, and they funked out. Then, i found a CD called "Best of Funk" -- it had some awesome stuff on it. After that, my ears were open and listening...

I did pick up "the Best of Parliament" from iTunes this morning. "Flashlight" is running through my head right now, as we speak.

Heh. Jackass. My personal vote is, to create common-experiences other than Jackass. My GOD that hurt. I'm only slightly curious as to what the rest of the movie holds... maybe one chapter a month, that might be about the right flow for me. :} the funky japanese show, though, that was much more enjoyable.

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