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Kitty snores & a story.
As I write this, my baby Whiskey is rolled over on the bed, and she's snoring little Kitty snores. *SO CUTE*

in 30 seconds, re-enaced by bunnies. Hmm.

"Eeep! my father's evil controlling boogey-spirit!"
"ooh what shall I do? What shall I do?"
"Must... Google... Search"
"YOU TOO could be PSYCHIC!"
"be vewwy vewwy caweful.. dere be NEGS out dere"
"Help me, persephony. You're my only hope"
"I think i'll just sleep in the Living Room. AND KEEP ALL THE LIGHTS ON."
"duuuuuude. You got BIG red splotches in your eyes. Didja get any sleep? (No)"

truck screams down the road, weaves drunkenly and shudders to a stop outside the yellow house.

Sunny came home. Or was it home? It sat there, brooding in the dark. Fear emanated from it... every hair was on end. "Ah, shit. Not this again.", he thought. His brain re-engaged: .... MaybeItsNotreal but what if it is of course i'd feel fear inside me it may not be related to reality either way though here I am in this truck and there's the house and hey lets check the mail no i already checked it aren't the kittens in the window? {pause} nope no kitties

What now? Seriously, i guess i could sleep here in the truck. Every night? forever? What about getting a room at a motel? Will i do this again tomorrow night? What exactly is it i'm runing from anyway? the non-psi explanation would be, i'm reliving fear that was bottled up inside me from god-knows-what, and i'm projecting that out into the house... you know, i think every place i've ever lived, the bedroom becomes an icky place. Its just me running from myself.

But still, here we are, and there's the house, and I do NOT fucking want to go inside.

God? What do you wish me to do? ... mental silence.... Okay, i'll go walk to Hyvee {the grocery store} and see what happens.

Sunny steps out of the truck, locks it, wonders if he put the parking brake on or not, yes he did, and walks towards Hyvee

God. So.. please guide me. his mind fills with silence. Every footstep is felt.

In Hyvee, Sunny finds himself near the magazine rack. He walkes back and forth, as he's done in the past, hand extended, eyes closed, waiting for the flash of warmth to emanate. He feels little flickers here and there... and then.. there it is.. He stops, reaches over, and finds... a children's coloring book. What the heck? Oh well. Keep on moving. He closes his eyes, thumbs open to some random page, puts his finger down, and ...

Directions: Cut out pictures, and paste on cardboard, to create stand-up dolls.

*laugh* Heh, funny, God. What do you want me to see.

If you have trouble doing this yourself, ask an Adult.


Sunny puts the magazine back. Something more is needed. He continues down the aisle, arm extended... searching for the warmth... flash. He reaches for the book.. a Harlequin Romance????? WTF! Thumbs it open, ...

She realized that it was very important to her that the others survive. She would never tell on them. The King would just have to kill her. She had to be ready to die.


Wierd. In the land of non-pictures, and non-reason, a little bell rang. The answer was now available, ready to be picked up, your order number is 35, would you like fries with that. On the way back home, he picks up some OJ, bagels, and cream cheese.

Sunny walks up to the house. He is ready to die. He would rather die, than go on living in fear. And he knows, he's out of his league. He needs the help of an Adult.. somebody much much older and wiser and powerful than him. He knows just the person(s).

Walking into the Kitchen. The kittens are so happy to see him. Oh, i love those little beautifuls. Tub-i-fuls. Wompuses. Yeah, they're my babies.

He drops to his knees, and prays. Its like... clearing his mind, opening a channel. His mind is beautifully clear, every sense is wide awake. He's aware of the pricklies on his skin, and the thrumming of energy up and down his spine and along his back. Its not a request prayer, its more a channelling prayer.

He walks over to edge of the hallway. (ooh, getting chills as I write this!) He stops. Spreads arms open WIIIIDE. Makes the connection inside. And says:

In the name of God the Good, as expressed to me by Jesus Christ, Sai Baba, and Buddha... i DECLARE: that this is God's space. All those within this space, who wish me, or anybody else harm, MUST LEAVE NOW.

Something eased and lessened. He repeats the declaration of intent, 3 times total. He walks into the bedroom.. Does the same..

As this is all happening, he gets a feedback.. the word "now" is not working. The sense tells him: they would like to leave, but cannot. Of course! ... the plumbing. Its locking them in. He opens a "channel" from the inside to the outside, near the driveway, and invites them to leave in that direction. The purpose is not to kill and destroy -- its simply, not here. Not in Sunny's mental space. This is not war, its territory and boundaries.

The act completed.. everything feels different.

Sunny falls asleep in the living room, but this time only with one light on instead of all of them.

The next evening.. Sunny sleeps in his bedroom. His bedroom is cleaner now -- after all, its now God's space, not just his. There's a picture of Sai Baba -- the gentle loving spirit that Sunny became famliar with as a child, on the wall.

Sunny thinks to himself as he falls asleep: man, nobody will ever believe this shit.

Hmm. Struggling.. leave this public, or friends? Ah well. Its an example of creative writing, is it not? *grins* leaving it public.

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Yeah. It was pretty cool. Its nice to know that wherever I am.. if I look for guidance.. its always there.

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